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Glenn Beck Says Sarah Palin Not Running for President

The writing is on the… chalkboard.

Glenn Beck, the soon to be former Fox News host, says that his pal Sarah Palin ain’t gonna run for president in 2012.

Echoing Andrew Breitbart, Beck hinted that Palin doesn’t want the gig.

"Sarah Palin, I don’t think, wants to run for president," Beck said on his radio show on Monday.

That’s a little different than Breitbart’s assertion that Palin is too good for the job, but does cast the decision as the ex-Governor’s rather than the fact that she has been nosediving in the polls.

Beck also did note a Palin mistake in her non-quest to become president. “She should have come out with that first book, and it should have been deep policy,” Beck said. Yeah, and “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” should have been more of a meditation on quantum physics, too.

Ah well, if Beck’s right, that certainly clears the way for Michele Bachmann.

Palin Poll Crack: Sarah Sinks to 4th Place

Going, going…

Further evidence that Sarah Palin’s star is fast fading in the Republican night sky. A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll has our favorite reality television star now in fourth place in the race to capture the GOP nomination. Here’s how the field currently stands according to the survey:

Mitt Romney: 21 percent

Donald Trump: 17 percent

Mike Huckabee: 17 percent

Newt Gingrich: 11 percent

Sarah Palin: 10 percent

On the bright side for Palin, she’s still polling higher than her Minnesota doppelganger, Michele Bachmann, and has more support than the man whose name has become synonymous with frothy fecal matter (Google “Santorum" and note the first entry).

Is Michele Bachman Stealing Sarah Palin’s Thunder?

Don’t look now, but another Tea Party darling might just be moving in on Sarah Palin’s territory.

Michele Bachmann is giving every indication that she plans to join the 2012 presidential race not just as an ardent supporter of Mrs. Palin, but as a candidate herself. With Palin dithering, Bachmann has swooped in and hired the aide who helped Mike Huckabee win Iowa last time around.

The comparisons between Bachmann and Palin are fairly straight forward: each is pretty, extremely conservative, a mother, and loves the media spotlight. But what if both entered the presidential race? Who would come out on top?

Mother Jones has an interesting comparison of the two women, and generally gives Bachmann the edge over Palin in several key categories. Here’s why they think it’s Bachmann’s race to lose:

1. Bachmann’s an organizer

2. Bachmann has a better sense of humor

3. Bachmann’s better at thinking on her feet

4. Bachmann knows how to use the national media

5. Bachmann’s not a quitter

While it’s hard for us to argue with any of those points, it is a bit distressing to think that in a few months we might have to become The Daily Bachmann.

Palin Not Fooling, Won’t Announce Candidacy on April 1

When is non-news newsworthy? When it involves Sarah Palin, of course.

According to Fox News, Palin will not be making a big announcement regarding her plans to run for president on Friday. Ever coy, neither Palin, nor her various spokespeople gave any indication of when said announcement may come to pass, but all confirm that it won’t be on April Fool’s Day.

Like comedian Kathy Griffin, we here at The Daily Palin still have our fingers crossed that the line-up for the first GOP presidential debate will see a stage filled with the likes of Palin, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee and all those other Republican luminaries who’ll be a-courtin’ the “real America,” Tea Party set.

Anyway, when you see that trending Twitter topic tomorrow that declares that Sarah Palin has tossed hat into ring, know that it’s just not true. Yet.

Palin Poll Crack: Gallup Finds Sarah’s Numbers Shrinking

More writing on the wall.

According to Gallup, Sarah Palin remains in third place in an as yet hypothetical race to win the Republican nomination for president in 2012. Trailing Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney for the 4th straight time since the polling organization started positing a match-up of GOP hopefuls, Palin gets just 12 percent support from Republicans. That’s down from the 16 percent she received in the three previous surveys.

Huckabee continued to gain ground with GOP voters, notching 19 percent. Romney fell to just 15 percent. Newt Gingrich came in fourth with 10 percent. Dark horse candidate Michele Bachmann (we’re talking four horsemen of the apocalypse dark)  is also now on the radar with 5 percent.

With party insiders and rank and file voters seemingly turning on Palin, will she finally concede that running (and losing) in 2012 would likely harm her brand to the point of not being worth it?

We shall see.

Palin: ‘I’m Through Whining About the Liberal Press’

Having her cake and eating it too: Sarah Palin has turned that saying into an art form.

Complaining about the media yesterday on her media gig with Fox News, Palin was once again the victim and champion of victims.

"Women are held to a different standard in all areas," Palin said Wednesday night on Fox News. "Let’s work harder, produce more and better, and get over it. I’m through whining about a liberal press that holds conservative women to a different standard because it doesn’t do any good to whine about it."

Then, returning to her beloved gun rhetoric, Palin further confused the subject by telling Greta van Susteren (her own personal media megaphone), that she was going to do precisely what she was complaining about in the first place.

"If somebody says something that is not true … I"m not going to retreat. I will reload and tell them what I think about them and hold them accountable for what they say about other women."

So, when the media corrects the tea party darling Michele Bachmann after asserting that the battle of Lexington and Concord took New Hampshire (correct answer: Massachusetts), it is holding women to a double standard. But when Palin corrects untruths uttered by others (examples?) we should read this as gender justice.

Andrew Breitbart Says Sarah Palin Not Lame Enough to be President

If Sarah Palin was looking for a good excuse not to run for president in 2012, conservative media mogul Andrew Breitbart may have just found it for her.

In an interview with GQ, Breitbart argued that the woman who was too good stay the governor of Alaska for a full term might also be just too talented and powerful to ever actually run for president.

Asked for his dream 2012 ticket, Breitbart said he’d like to see the virulently conservative ticket of Alan West and Michele Bachmann and the Republican one-two punch. The obvious omission caught interviewer Lisa Depaulo by surprise, and she asked the following:

Not Sarah Palin?
I think the presidency is beneath her. There’s more power in being Oprah Winfrey than in being Barack Obama. It would be my goal for Palin to become Oprah and be the ultimate kingmaker for twenty-odd years. Oprah anointed Barack Obama.

Classic Breitbart. Kingmakers are bad when they are named Oprah, but good when named Sarah.

So, despite the fact that Republicans seem to be abandoning Palin as the election cycle nears its official kick-off time, Breitbart clings to the idea that she remains the ultimate game changer. More laughable is the thought of Palin attempting a Winfrey-esque talk show. As we’ve seen from her performances on reality TV and Fox News, the former governor will certainly need a bit of polish before she’s ready to be compared to the queen of daytime talk.