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I don’t think I’m stealing any spotlight. In fact, if anybody thinks I’m stealing the spotlight, go! Go! Go find the other folks and say hello. Very thankful to have been invited to the State Fair and to get to, with my family, highlight this all-American venue and this is part of our One Nation Tour road trip and we’ll get to do some historical events. And I consider the Iowa State Fair quite historic.

Is Michele Bachman Stealing Sarah Palin’s Thunder?

Don’t look now, but another Tea Party darling might just be moving in on Sarah Palin’s territory.

Michele Bachmann is giving every indication that she plans to join the 2012 presidential race not just as an ardent supporter of Mrs. Palin, but as a candidate herself. With Palin dithering, Bachmann has swooped in and hired the aide who helped Mike Huckabee win Iowa last time around.

The comparisons between Bachmann and Palin are fairly straight forward: each is pretty, extremely conservative, a mother, and loves the media spotlight. But what if both entered the presidential race? Who would come out on top?

Mother Jones has an interesting comparison of the two women, and generally gives Bachmann the edge over Palin in several key categories. Here’s why they think it’s Bachmann’s race to lose:

1. Bachmann’s an organizer

2. Bachmann has a better sense of humor

3. Bachmann’s better at thinking on her feet

4. Bachmann knows how to use the national media

5. Bachmann’s not a quitter

While it’s hard for us to argue with any of those points, it is a bit distressing to think that in a few months we might have to become The Daily Bachmann.