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Palin Calls Out The Daily Caller!

Dear Soon-to-be-President Palin,

We know you have had troubles with the lamestream media since the moment you stepped foot onto the podium as a young pageant queen —and even though you’ve always taken the high road and recently elected never again to give them the benefit of your appropriately harsh return fire to their lyin’ liberal B.S— we here at the The Daily Palin would like you to know from the very bottom of our courageous, blue-blooded, all-American, god-fearing, (never-bleeding) hearts that we would NEVER, EVER, dare disrespect your gracious, repeated attempts to set the record straight and allow the media, for once, the chance to print something that wasn’t just a load of vicious, conspiratorial, lying lies and we’d certainly NEVER, EVER! NEVER UPON THE FLAG OF THE FOUNDING FATHERS, have the sheer audacity to censor your own words on the SECOND PAGE of an article we wrote.

….Unlike those First Amendment-forgetters at THE DAILY CALLER, who today ran an article on the rising criticism of Palin by the conservative press, who have called her out for accepting $1.2 million in government tax credits awarded to her for filming her TLC reality show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” in her home state, under a law she signed as Governor. 

Good thing Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t censor. Caller, prepare to be listed!